~ You may have noticed the internet has matured ~

By listening to and connecting user behaviour to digital solutions that work, we can add value to your brand or community.

Cross channel marketing and engagement

Working with stakeholders to engage users with cross channel strategies is very rewarding. In "new school marketing", we combine traditional sales and marketing tasks and along the way build ownership in the customer lifecycle. As your team take ownership of the steps in your digital customer lifecycle, they will seem less like marketing or sales team members and more like brand ambassadors.

Websites and eCommerce

Your business goals and Unique Selling Proposition lead the way to building your online assets and information architecture. We provide a proven process of discovery and content authoring to detail and sell all the aspects of your business. Generating more revenue for our clients is our business and this includes extensive experience with the provisioning of excellent ecommerce solutions.

Social Media

We understand social and how it connects your brand or community and influences. Our social strategies extend to Facebook page management, Facebook application builds, Twitter campaigning and API integration. If you do not have social as a part of your cross channel marketing ask us how to take the first easy steps.

Search strategy

For great search engine performance we assist in the planning and authoring of your content first. "On page" optimization is the preferred science. Well, simply put, if you create a well thought out SEO strategy from day one, you can effectively get free internet traffic from that point forward. After working with At Your Command Digital your team will become a search-aware organization.

There are many moving parts to engaging potential customers across all channels. A website alone does not ensure online success. New school marketers share the belief that they can capture more sales by engaging with their customers on interactive channels. They also put their money and resources where their mouth is.

~ A partner in delivering managed digital services. ~

When first working with your team, it's imperative that we understand your needs and your business or community. We spend the time discussing expectations and the positive outcomes of great content and delivery online. At Your Command Digital brings an experienced understanding of the technical requirements neccesary to deliver on your project. There will be considerations of resources and the right partners in terms of online software, development platform and hosting....

Blog tailored to build your community

Now as much a part of successful corporate cross channel marketing as it was originally the domain of special interest or hobby groups. We customize Wordpress exclusively with awesome design chops and plugins to engage your users and suit your brand and personality. Our content services can also devise and craft posts to engage your community.

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Email campaigning and data capture

There is lots of nitty gritty in successful email delivery, segmentation and data capture. With mature 3rd party partners like Campaign Monitor or Eloqua, turning your website into a digital funnel is possible for any keen marketer. With over 7 years experience in permissions based email, At Your Command Digital has the 'secret sauce'.

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Facebook Applications

Facebook "likes" are the new success metric today. Engaging and building a community with a facebook page is fun and can really grow your brand. Also with a clever creative, a facebook app along side your facebook page can have enormous potential to put your "call to action" on steroids. Ask the team at At Your Command Digital how.

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Microsites are a great way to segment your community and re-engage. We will design a unique and influential digital experience for your next feature release, product launch or invitation. You may like to add data capture and facebook integration for a really engaging experience.

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